• How HVAC Maintenance Can Save You Money

    It’s easy to let your busy life get in the way of scheduling HVAC maintenance. As long as the system powers on when you need it, everything is fine, right? Actually, neglecting your heating and cooling system can have costly long-term consequences. That’s why you should maintain your air conditioner every spring and have your furnace tuned up every fall. Here’s how you can save money by keeping up with regular HVAC maintenance.

    Better Energy Efficiency

    After months or even years of neglect, heating, and cooling components get dusty, stiff, and off-balance. This wear and tear takes its toll over time, translating to higher utility bills and sometimes a less comfortable home as well.

    When you hire an HVAC technician to tune up your equipment once a year, you promote better system performance. After all, a clean, lubricated, and well-balanced system is primed to operate at its peak. This results in improved efficiency, better airflow, and more even temperatures from room to room.

    Lower Risk of Breakdowns

    Heating and cooling problems often develop long before any symptoms appear. This is why neglected HVAC systems always break down eventually. If this happens to you, you’ll be stuck without conditioned air when you need it most, leaving you no choice but to request an emergency repair. Skip the stress and potentially high repair bills by scheduling preventative HVAC maintenance. This small investment pays for itself by reducing the risk of breakdowns and preventing you from paying for unnecessary repairs.

    In addition to cleaning, oiling, and balancing your system, HVAC technicians check for signs of trouble during each routine maintenance visit. For instance, if the fan belt is coming loose, your technician can tell you about the problem and recommend replacing it before it snaps, potentially damaging nearby components. It’s much cheaper to pay for a preventative fan belt replacement than to repair a damaged, neglected system. You also enjoy greater peace of mind, knowing that your air conditioner is up to the task of cooling your home on the hottest summer days, and your furnace can keep you warm on the chilliest winter nights.

    Prolonged Equipment Lifespan

    Ask any mechanic the best way to extend the life of your car, and they’ll tell you to get regular oil changes and tune-ups. The same goes for your furnace and air conditioner. You can add years to your system’s lifespan simply by keeping up with recommended preventative maintenance. As a result, you can put off replacing your HVAC equipment for another few seasons, saving you thousands of dollars on premature replacement costs.

    More Ways to Save

    During an annual maintenance visit, you can ask your HVAC technician for tips to keep your energy bills low. The technician will apply their knowledge and training to your unique system setup, providing personalized, energy-saving tips to maximize your savings. Here are some improvements you can make to put a dent in your energy bills:

      • Change your air filter regularly: A dirty filter slows down airflow and makes your HVAC system work harder to heat and cool your home. To improve system performance, replace your filter every one to three months, especially during the summer and winter when HVAC usage is at its peak.
      • Install a programmable thermostat: This inexpensive upgrade lets you program automatic setbacks while you’re away or sleeping, saving you 5 to 15 percent on your operating costs. You can save even more with a smart Wi-Fi thermostat, which lets you monitor and control your home’s temperature from anywhere.
      • Seal your ductwork: Leaky ducts waste up to 20 percent of the conditioned air traveling through them. An HVAC contractor can seal your ductwork to ensure the air travels to its intended destination.
      • Consider a high-efficiency HVAC replacement: When the time comes to replace your heating and cooling system, consider investing in a high-efficiency model. The upfront price tag is slightly higher, but the advanced technology will pay you back in lower energy bills for years to come.
      • Choose a knowledgeable contractor to install your new HVAC equipment: Nearly half of all HVAC systems are installed incorrectly. To prevent this, make sure your contractor is certified, experienced, and factory-trained before hiring them for the job.


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