Expert Residential HVAC Maintenance Services in Atlanta, GA

JR Hobbs Co. Provides Professional Furnace & AC Maintenance

Atlanta Residential HVAC Maintenance

Since 1971, JR Hobbs Co. has provided residential HVAC maintenance services to homes and businesses throughout Atlanta, GA. We have the most proficient, factory-trained technicians in the business, and whether you need residential maintenance services or commercial furnace or AC maintenance, we’ll get the job done right. Contact us for fast and flexible scheduling, including emergency services.

We Can Handle All Residential HVAC Maintenance Services

Routine HVAC maintenance services are important.  When your system is properly maintained, it will run smoothly, keeping your property comfortable all year. Benefits of regular maintenance include increased system productivity, an extended operating life of your equipment, lower repair costs, and energy savings. While some HVAC maintenance is DIY, the majority of the maintenance process should be handled by a seasoned HVAC professional. The experts at JR Hobbs Co. offer complete furnace maintenance and AC maintenance services, including:

  • Inspecting refrigerant lines
  • Replacing your air filter
  • Replacing your humidifier filter
  • Replacing your carbon monoxide detector battery
  • Clearing your AC condensation drain
  • Checking your thermostat settings
  • Inspecting electrical connections and testing voltage on system components
  • Lubricating moving parts
  • Checking system start-up and shutdown controls for proper operation

AC Maintenance by Factory-trained, Certified Technicians

JR Hobbs Co. is a BBB-accredited business, and we are committed to maintaining a reputation for integrity and professionalism. Whether you are looking for a technician who can install, maintain, repair, alter, or design an HVAC system, you can depend on us to meet your specific needs. Additionally, we are able to provide fast and flexible scheduling, emergency services, and residential service calls with an HVAC specialist. Our technicians are factory-trained, fully licensed, and certified. Each of our employees is rigorously vetted before joining our team.  We’re determined to provide the best professionals with the knowledge, demeanor, communication, and technical skill to inspire confidence in our customers. JR Hobbs Co. is the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Leeds, and EarthCraft Multifamily certified.

We are licensed to perform HVAC maintenance on all residential properties, including multi-family AC and furnace maintenance. Based in Georgia, we can also provide multi-family service in South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Virginia, as well as residential and commercial work throughout the Atlanta, GA area. We work hard to stay up-to-date on cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices, and we are always knowledgeable of the latest mechanical system standards and codes. When you contact JR Hobbs Co., you can rest assured that your residential HVAC maintenance services will be performed by well-trained, certified technicians who are experienced in the work and knowledgeable about all makes and models of HVAC systems.

Why Choose Us for Residential HVAC Maintenance Services?

Choosing JR Hobbs Co. for your HVAC maintenance services means choosing a company committed to quality service. All HVAC systems require regular maintenance to keep them in good working order. Having an experienced technician perform this maintenance ensures that your HVAC system will perform efficiently and have a lengthy lifespan. While some homeowners neglect regular residential HVAC maintenance, this can be a costly mistake. When we send one of our factory-trained, certified, experienced HVAC professionals to your house, our technician will be able to determine the type of maintenance your system requires. You can have confidence knowing that problems will be mitigated before they become major issues, and the service will effectively extend the life and efficiency of your system. A system running at top efficiency saves money on energy bills, and having it regularly maintained saves money on costly repair bills. We offer repairs to keep your AC and furnace working all year, HVAC installation of the highest possible caliber, and low-pressure furnace and AC HVAC maintenance plans to help you get the most out of your investment. Whatever your HVAC service needs may be, we’re ready to help.

Trust JR Hobbs Co. With Your HVAC Maintenance Services

When you schedule an appointment for service from JR Hobbs Co., you can have the peace of mind that comes from choosing a company with decades of experience. We’ve been handling HVAC maintenance services in Atlanta for nearly 50 years. We know that Atlanta’s weather can change drastically during the year, from the mid-30s to the high-80s, and we can keep your property comfortable no matter what the weather brings. Let our factory-trained technicians save you from the trouble of having your HVAC system malfunction and ensure your system achieves peak performance. For an honest maintenance service estimate, contact us today!

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